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Style & Voice: the Writing Summit

Take your writing to the next level and discover your true writing voice (s) in this supportive, communal online event.

March 13th - 15th of 2021

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I've read dozens of books on writing style.

For this guide, I wrote up the best of those lessons in simple, easy to follow language.

Solve these writing problems

Where to put the most important word in a sentence?

Is it better to focus the reader's attention on verbs or nouns?

Why does "hypotactic" writing make your reader turn pages faster?

Learning about these writing techniques, and trying them out in practice sessions, has noticeably affected my ability to communicate and to express myself more vividly.

Over five-thousand novelists, bloggers, and freelancers have read, shared, and commented on these essays.

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4 days
20 speakers
5 categories

March 13th to 15th 2021

From the participants of the 2020 Summit

Style is your bridge to the reader

For many writers, words like "style" and "voice" can be a little mysterious, even anxiety-provoking. After all, don't we all have our own unique style, just by being a unique human being? And if I don't have a "voice," how come I'm already speaking -- and writing? And do you expect me to remember a whole list of grammatical rules?

Additionally, we may also feel like "the story" is the key, not the words we use to tell it. Fix the plot and you'll be fine -- no one who is enjoying your book cares about the third sentence on page 87, right?

Here's a better way to think of style: it's where everything starts. Style is how you put words on the page. And the feel of those words, your voice, is how your reader first makes contact with your characters, your story, your world. 

That's how I see "style": your bridge to your reader. 

How This Event Will Help Your Writing

The goal for this event is to demystify writing style, help you develop an unforgettable voice, build an easy and effective style toolkit, and to offer specific tips on the thorniest aspects of narrative prose, such as dialogue.

You'll finish this summit with new frameworks to write a compelling sentence and a fresh appreciation of the books you love the most.

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Style & Voice is 100% free to watch live. You can attend every talk and catch the replays for up to 24 hours after each session airs. 

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From the previous summit (on Plot)

Lynne “The 3 sessions on the character first novel were so timely for me and really helped me with a new story.”

Kayla M. "It has already enhanced my WIP for NaNoWriMo"

Adele S. “You covered everything. From how to write a novel to how to publish it. Great context. Very well organized. ”

Leah S. “The conference provided a wealth of useful and inspiring information. It was fantastic!”

Charles S. “The memories were pleasantly surprising and inspiring because it was explained from different perspectives.”

Charlie K. “ All the resources were really useful and everyone was so warm and welcoming.”

Mary M. "I appreciated the hour or two breaks between the presentations because most of us are multi-tasking. I did miss one morning so have to catch up. The Plot Pass made that worry free.”

Patrick M. "It feels great! Lots of different ideas!"